Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Become A Home Inspector (part 2 of 2)

• Although, there is no formal education required in becoming a home inspector, it would be important at least, to have a high school diploma.  There are some college courses offered about building construction and inspection, like Associate of Applied Science in Building Inspection and Technology.  It would be better to have knowledge in building inspection, since there are some states that have licensure and certification requirements before practicing home inspection as a career.

• Make sure about the training that you will be getting.  Make sure that you would be getting education from licensed and good schools and programs. Home inspectors should  have knowledge and training about foundations and structure, drainage, roofing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, environmental, and visible structure aspects.

• Some home inspectors would be self-employed.  If it is your first time to do home inspection, then you can start having on-the-job training to give you an idea on how home inspection is done.

If you are planning to set-up a home inspector’s business or at least work independently, then you would have at least some basic business management knowledge and skill.  You would have to decide on the structure and how your business would operate.  Aside from that it is also important to identify your marketplace.  You would have to know the number of houses being sold in an area and also check your competition:  other home inspectors and their respective rates.

Home inspection may not be as easy or as simple as you have heard or read.  There are different aspects that you would have to consider, like the reporting system.  Narrative reports can cost too much, so you would have to figure a system that would fit your budget and at the same time your needs.

There are a lot of home inspectors who went in and out of the business, you would have to deal with physical inspections based on client needs, like time.  So flexibility is important.  You would have to develop adequate skill in technology like digital photography for you to document your house visit.  It is not that easy, all jobs are not walk in the park.

But success would come from people who make the most out of opportunities.

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